Google Russia, whose turnover exceeds billions, is going bankrupt!

    Google Russia has started the bankruptcy process. In the statements made on the subject, it was stated that such a decision had to be taken due to the seizure of accounts in the country. Russians will continue to use Google’s services such as its search engine and YouTube.

    There has been a remarkable development regarding the US-based technology giant Google’s foot in Russia. Google Russia officially started the bankruptcy process as it could not fulfil its financial obligations in the country. In the statements made on the subject, it was stated that such an end was reached because the Russian authorities seized the bank accounts of Google Russia.

    Officials, who made a statement on a platform where legal notices are published in Russia, announced that the company will withdraw from the country after the completion of the bankruptcy process Google Russia. However, services such as the search engine, YouTube and Gmail will continue to be used in Russia. 

    Russia fined Google $15 million

    Russian authorities launched an investigation against Google in April and fined $15 million within the scope of this investigation. However, according to the information obtained, Russia confiscated all of Google’s money in the country due to these penalties. This led to the inability to pay the salaries of the employees and the inability to use the incomes. 

    Alphabet recently made a statement specific to Russia. In this statement, it was stated that the money earned in Russia constitutes 1 per cent of the company’s total revenue.

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