If iMessage sliced off both ends of your tweets, you’re not alone

    On Thursday, I wrote that Twitter was having a rough February after experiencing issues for the second time in a week, and on Friday, the company was dealing with a strange iMessage bug. If you were on an Apple device and texting a tweet to your buddy on an Apple device, the first and last characters in the tweet wouldn’t show up. As reported by 9to5Mac, tweet previews sent via iMessage seemed to be missing the first and last characters of the tweet, making them read oddly.

    Myself and another Verge writer experienced this bug as well. Here’s how Apple’s Messages app on my iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch displayed a tweet I wrote yesterday:

    And here’s what the tweet I made yesterday actually looked like:

    When reached for comment, Twitter spokesperson Stephanie Cortez originally said the bug seemed to have been fixed, but it turns out that wasn’t the case — Cortez said shortly after we first published this article that the company was aware of the issue and looking into a fix. When I checked late Friday evening, the bug was fixed for me on all of my devices. Apple didn’t reply to a request for comment.

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