Legend of an Era Motorola Announces Developing A New Foldable Phone

    Motorola, one of the biggest pioneers of phone manufacturers, is developing a new foldable smartphone apart from the Razr series.

    Motorola, the famous phone manufacturer, which we know most with its button foldable phones in the past, will release another foldable phone to the market, according to a new report. This smartphone from Motorola will feature a classic top-down folding screen.

    As a matter of fact, smartphones with top-down folding screens have been on the market for a while. Brands such as TCL and Oppo have tried this before but failed to achieve a successful result. In fact, LG tried this last year, but the company later closed its smartphone business completely.

    Motorola’s new smartphone is codenamed ‘Felix’

    Of course, when Motorola, one of the masters of this business, announces such a thing, the expectation is high. Although there is no phone or information about the device at the moment, it is obvious that something different from the same model devices we have seen before will come up.

    Motorola “Felix” will apparently default to a more compact size but will have a foldable model that makes the screen “one-third” taller. That is, the device can act similarly to the Galaxy Z Flip 3 design.

    It’s unclear when the Motorola Felix will arrive, but current testing phases suggest the device is at least a year away from an official launch. Motorola is also working on another foldable smartphone in the Razr lineup, known as the “Juno”, apart from the soon-to-be-released “Maven”.

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