Microsoft Announces Developing ‘Mini Xbox’ For Affordable Gaming

    Microsoft has announced that it has developed a small product that will provide access to Xbox Cloud Gaming. In the explanations made about this product, which is coded with the name Keystone, what the device can offer was explained.

    US-based technology giant Microsoft has been on the agenda for several years with a claim that has excited many players. According to rumours, the company was trying to develop a small apparatus for the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. This apparatus, which can be directly connected to televisions, appeared like an affordable alternative product for Microsoft’s cloud gaming service. The device, which has been on the agenda for years within the scope of claims, has now come up with an important development.

    A few months ago, there was a leak about Xbox, a product called “Keystone” was displayed in the source codes. Keystone, which has been boiling in a cauldron of allegations for a while, came to the agenda of a Microsoft spokesperson this time. Making statements on the subject, the spokesperson confirmed that they are working on an Xbox model that will allow players to easily connect to Xbox Cloud Gaming. Moreover, the code name of this product was indeed Keystone.

    Keystone will be a mini apparatus that connects to a TV or monitors

    This is a visual representation.

    Keystone, which Microsoft is working on for gamers, will be a small device. A Microsoft spokesperson states that this product can be directly connected to monitors and TVs. However, Xbox Keystone is not ready for release at the moment. Using the sentence “A new approach that will allow us to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to more players around the world…” for the product, the spokesperson states that Keystone is still in development and needs a little more time to be released.

    Although nothing is finalized for Keystone, it is thought that this product will work with the simplified Windows or Xbox operating system directly. However, engineers may also prefer the Android operating system for this product. If such a thing happens, the way for applications such as Netflix and Spotify will also be opened. Should that happen, Keystone would not be an Xbox Cloud Gaming exclusive device and could be a direct competitor to products like the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. The explanations to be made will clear this ambiguity.

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