Microsoft Edge Is One Step Closer To Being Opera

    Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is getting new features. Google Chrome’s closest competitor will get the built-in VPN feature.

    Microsoft Edge, which is among the best browsers in the world, continues to gain new features. Edge, which has more features than Google Chrome despite being Chromium-based, now gets the built-in VPN we saw from Opera .

    Software giant Microsoft will add its free VPN service for its popular browser. Developed for security and privacy, VPN will come built-in. In addition, according to Microsoft’s support page, the feature will be offered as part of the “Edge Secure Network”.

    Microsoft Edge gets VPN feature

    The built-in VPN, which will come as part of Edge Secure Network, will be Cloudfire supported. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to access many limited sites. In addition, you will be able to watch banned shows by accessing platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, thanks to a VPN.

    However, there will also be a limitation in Microsoft’s built-in VPN service. The company imposes a 1 GB limit for VPN to be used in the browser. This 1 GB limitation will be renewed every month. Users will be able to track their data by logging in from their accounts.

    VPN, which has many advantages on the privacy side, can prevent the sharing of their location while browsing the internet by browsing with virtual IP for Edge users. The built-in VPN, which has been tested for now, will be available to all users in the future. It was also shared that the VPN service is active for some insider users. You can experience the new feature from the Secure Network tab by going to the browser and going to Settings-More. It should be noted that this only covers a limited number of users for now.

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