Microsoft Enriches Windows 11’s Widget Tab

    Microsoft announced that in Windows 11, third-party widget support will come to the Widgets section, which you can access from the lower-left corner of the Taskbar.

    With an update that came to Windows 11 in the past months, a Widget window came where you can see various activities you follow, take notes or see the weather forecast.

    This Widget window was also very pleasing to the users, but there was a problem: Only Widgets created by Microsoft can be used. However, this is outdated because Microsoft has officially announced that it will bring third-party widget support to Windows 11.

    Third-party widget support will come to Windows 11 this year

    Microsoft is preparing to support third-party Widgets in Windows 11 later this year. The software giant stated at its annual Build developer conference that it will open access to Windows 11 widgets for developers working on win32 or PWA applications.

    Currently, the Windows 11 widget system is limited to native Widgets created by Microsoft, and there isn’t much to choose from. Microsoft has widgets for the Outlook and To-Do apps, but the rest are largely web-powered windows that present weather, entertainment streams, or news in the dedicated widget panel for Windows 11.

    “So far we’ve been powered by customer feedback on Widgets, so people can enjoy seamless and seamless fast access to the content that matters most to them. Later this year on Windows 11, Win32 and PWA apps powered by the Adaptive Cards platform. you will be able to start creating Widgets as experiences” said Panos Panay, Windows Administrator.

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