Mozilla Firefox Hacked In Just 8 Seconds Due To Two Major Vulnerabilities

    At the PWN2OWN event, where companies had their software tested, a vulnerability in Mozilla Firefox was also detected, in a record time! Let’s take a look at the details.

    You may not have noticed that while Windows 11, Microsoft Teams, Ubuntu Desktop, and Tesla Model 3 all fell victim to hackers within a week, Mozilla Firefox was also hacked. Firefox took its place among those detected with a security vulnerability.

    Mozilla Firefox was hacked in just eight seconds using two critical vulnerabilities at the PWN2OWN event, where hackers from all over the world could participate and companies tested the reliability of their own software.

    So who hacked Mozilla Firefox in just eight seconds?

    The gifted hacker named Manfred Paul managed to hack Firefox by exploiting two critical vulnerabilities at the PWN2OWN 2022 event, which ended on Friday, May 20, by exploiting the lightning-fast double vulnerabilities.

    Manfred Paul placed fourth on stage at the opening session of PWWN2OWN on Wednesday, May 18, winning a total of $100,000 in prize money. Later that same day, Apple won another $50,000 for successful zero-day use of its Safari browser.

    What should Firefox browser users do now?

    So you don’t actually have to do much. Because the version of the Firefox browser, in which Manfred Paul found the vulnerability, was the zero-day version. In any case, companies participate in such events to find these gaps and fix them immediately afterwards. The point here is that Manfred Paul was able to do this in just 8 seconds.

    The only thing you can do is turn on your updates or start doing them manually if you have stopped the automatic update. For this, after opening the Mozilla Firefox browser, you need to go to the three-line symbols in the upper right, then the Help section and the About Firefox section. If you are going to do it manually, you need to install the following versions.

    • Firefox v100.0.2 for desktop users
    • Firefox v100.3.0 for Android users
    • Firefox v91.9.1 for Enterprise ‘Extended Support Edition’ users

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