Qualcomm Claims It Will ‘Make The World’s Best Chips’ With Help From Former Apple Engineers

    Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon had claimed in recent months that Huawei has as powerful capabilities as Apple, and it turned out that Qualcomm is working on a chipset that can directly compete with Apple’s M1 chip.

    Last month, Apple sued two former employees, which it believes sent the secrets of its chips to rival companies. Apple claimed that its employees had copied hundreds of information and given it to Rivos before leaving the job last year. While these allegations and the lawsuit are still on the agenda, Qualcomm’s CEO made a claim that would anger Apple. According to the CEO, Qualcomm has the capacity to beat the M2 processor, which was introduced just a few days ago, thanks to former Apple employees.

    The CEO of the company thinks that the chips they will produce in the laptop and desktop computer industry, working with the expertise of three former Apple engineers, can easily surpass the M2 chipset. Whether the CEO, who has made the same claims about the M1 chip, will be right this time, will be determined by the quality of the chips that Qualcomm will produce.

    Qualcomm believes it can have the best chip thanks to former Apple employees

    Cristiano Amon believes his company could have the best chip on the market, with the help of a chip architecture team that previously worked on Apple chips but now works at Qualcomm. Earlier this year, Qualcomm bought Nuvia for $1.4 billion. After the acquisition, Apple employees joined the company and the company had the opportunity to learn about the architecture behind Apple’s M1 chip.

    CEO Cristiano Amon thinks the company can now beat Apple in the PC market as well. “We aim to have performance leadership on CPU on PC,” Amon said in an interview last week. We will wait and see whether these claims of Qualcomm, which has made a name for itself with the operating systems we see in many phone brands, will come true. However, the claim that Qualcomm received help from former Apple employees brings with it the possibility that Apple may be sued again by its former employees.

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