Samsung and LG Show Exciting Foldable Phone and Computer Concepts

    Although foldable screens are still not widespread in the category of smartphones or different devices, giant companies continue to work for the future. In this context, Samsung and LG introduced their concepts that add a new breath to foldability.

    One of the rapidly developing technologies in the smartphone industry in recent years, foldable screen technology is still not widespread today. On the other hand, new prototypes continue to be introduced day by day. Finally, today Samsung and LG introduced their new foldable display concepts.

    New concepts that offer ideas for future smartphones were showcased at the annual Display Week conference in California. The concept demonstrated by both companies included significant differences and visions relative to each other. The concepts demonstrated by the two giants were as follows:

    Foldable screen concept from LG

    LG shed light on the foldable screen concept it showed, and that we will see screens that can be folded both inwards and outwards in the future. The design will thus be able to ensure that every screen is an internal or external screen, not just a specific screen. The concept, called “360 Degree Foldable OLED”, is resistant to more than 200 thousand folds, according to LG.

    Samsung has played with extendable displays

    While LG focused on the fully foldable screen, Samsung showed both foldable screens that can be opened vertically or horizontally. In the same video, the company also showed its concept, which consists of three separate screens the size of a tablet and can be shaped into the desired shape. The foldable screen in this concept could also be folded both inwards and outwards.

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