Former Samsung Employees Sentenced to Prison

    Some of the former employees of South Korean tech giant Samsung have been sentenced to prison by the Seoul Central Court, according to a new report.

    South Korean technology giant Samsung, as you know, does not only produce smartphones. The company has many sub-institutions that produce different technological products. One of these institutions is SEMES.

    SEMES manufactures semiconductor cleaners for removing impurities formed during the semiconductor substrate pattern formation process. Former employees of this company for a long time have signed one of the biggest intrigues in Samsung’s history.

    They were leaking information from inside the company

    Some former employees of Samsung have been sentenced to prison, according to the information released today. Moreover, the number of employees, whose number was not disclosed, had been working at SEMES, a subsidiary of Samsung, for more than 10 years. According to information from the court, former employees were leaking important information from inside the company to China.

    This key information includes information on the technology Samsung has developed to produce 14 semiconductor cleaners from March 2018 to December 2021. This information was sold by ex-employees to a Chinese company for 71 billion yen ($54 million).

    Former employees who stole the information and sold it to China were sentenced by the court to 18 months in prison. There have been intrigues within Samsung that will officially release the new movie of Mission Impossible.

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