New Claims About Samsung’s New Foldable Phone Galaxy Z Fold 4: It May Disappointing With Its Battery

    Some claims have been made about the battery capacity of Samsung’s new generation foldable phone, the Z Fold 4. While the Korean manufacturer is throttling from the battery, it may make significant improvements in another department.

    Competing with its ambitious models in the smartphone market, Samsung will expand its foldable models with new members this year. The company, which has shown a good sales performance with the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 it has recently launched, will add new members to the series this year.

    While leaks about Samsung’s new foldable phones are increasing, a new one has recently been added to them. Some claims have emerged about the battery capacity of the Z Fold 4 model, which is expected to be the new pocket-burning member of the series. It seems that the Korean manufacturer will not follow a different path with this new device.

    Galaxy Z Fold 4’s battery capacity may remain stable

    It is obvious that Samsung will improve the Z Fold 4 in terms of design. However, the company will have to cut back on some important features while doing this. It was claimed that Samsung, which is ‘saving’ battery capacity due to a similar problem in the Galaxy Z Fold3, will take the same approach in Z Fold 4.

    According to the claim made by GalaxyClub, Galaxy Z Fold 4 will use the same battery as Z Fold 3 on the battery side. So this is the device; It has been suggested that it will come with two batteries with a total capacity of 4,270 mAh, 2,022 mAh and 2,268 mAh. However, Samsung will focus more on design at this point. The Korean giant will develop the Z Fold 4 with a lighter design. Of course, the battery will be waived for the design to be so thin. 

    The Korean technology giant’s plans for the new foldable phone are currently unclear. We hope that Samsung strengthens the battery side, which is the most criticized part of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, in the Z Fold 4.

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