Samsung Announces It’s Building Its Own Metaverse

    Samsung continues to keep up with the developing technologies of the internet world. The next goal of the company, which supports Metaverse and NFT collections and continues to work on this issue; is to build your own metaverse.

    While many companies from almost all sectors continue to release NFT collections, the evolving metaverse universe of the internet is also growing and developing.

    However, of course, the platform, on which there are a lot of controversies, seems to continue to achieve great success. Companies accelerated their efforts to be a part of this development. Known for its support of the virtual world after Vestel and Spotify’s work in the metaverse world, Samsung announced that it would create its own metaverse universe. 

    New details may come in the launches that will take place in the coming days

    Samsung is frequently on the agenda with new studies and changes these days. In the past months, the company opened its first metaverse store and made a big splash. The next goal of the company, which is frequently on the agenda with its developments in the metaverse and following the developments in the virtual world, is to create its own metaverse.  

    No more details were shared about the metaverse plans of the company, which accelerated its efforts to be among the leading companies in the virtual world. However, Samsung Vice President Han Jong-Hee said, “We will create a metaverse version of Samsung. Help us to come up with new ideas and realize them. We will launch metaverse devices and solutions to enable customers to experience new experiences.” For details on Metaverse, it was pointed out that more details could be given in the upcoming launches.

    Well, what does it mean? 

    As you know, Samsung often comes to the fore with its NFT collections and its work in the virtual world. He even introduced the latest technology devices in the metaverse and attracted great attention. The fact that the company opens its own metaverse means that we can see it introducing new devices in its own universe in the coming days. Of course, there is not much detail on the subject in the explanations, but we are sure that the sentence ‘Samsung’s metaverse version’ has aroused different ideas for many of you. For example; In this context, it can be really nice to wander around Samsung’s virtual universe and have different experiences with a product you want to buy from Samsung.

    It is certain that we have to wait a little longer for details about Samsung’s metaverse universe. However, the news has already managed to stir up metaverse fans. Let’s see what we will see in this new universe, different from the experiences we are used to seeing in the metaverse. Maybe we can see the company’s own cryptocurrency or NFT marketplace embedded in the universe. As new developments come, we will continue to convey them to you. 

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