Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Design Revealed

    There has been a new development about Samsung’s upcoming foldable screen phone Galaxy Z Flip4. A press image showing the design of the phone has leaked. The new model seems to have almost exactly the same design as the Galaxy Z Flip3, which was introduced last year.

    South Korean technology giant Samsung has been on the agenda for a while with its new foldable screen phones. Because, according to industry sources, Samsung will organize an event the next month and will introduce both Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 as part of this event. Now, there has been a new development about the Galaxy Z Flip4.

    The design of the Galaxy Z Flip4, Samsung’s screen phone that can be folded in the horizontal plane, has come up with all its details. However, the enthusiasm of those waiting for this smartphone may remain in their crops. Because the design of the Galaxy Z Flip4 looks the same as the Galaxy Z Flip3 in general.

    This is what the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 looks like

    When we look at the leaked images of the Galaxy Z Flip4, the dual camera setup on the back of the phone attracts our attention. In the past, it was suggested that the company might prefer a triple camera setup this time. It is also said that the screen on the back of the Galaxy Z Flip will be slightly larger than 2 inches. Unfortunately, the photo does not give any information about the size of the small screen.

    There is not much information we can share about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. However, it seems we don’t need to wait a long time to learn all the details about this phone. According to the allegations, Samsung will hold an event on August 10 and will introduce the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 as part of this event. With the launch, all the details about the phone will be revealed.

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