Samsung Introduces ‘2022 The Wall’ Series That Turns Walls into Televisions

    Samsung, the leading name in the display industry, introduced the new 2022 model screens of the Wall series today. The displays, which will be a premium choice for both business and home areas, have also been a big step for Micro LED technology.

    As one of the world leaders in screen and image quality, Samsung continues to show its skills in this sector, especially with its televisions. The South Korean company recently introduced its new displays that bring a new breath to the ‘Micro LED’ technology at the ‘Integrated Systems Europe (ISA)’ event held in Spain today.

    The new IWB model, introduced in the Wall series, was described by Samsung as the ‘most advanced’ for display technologies. The television has the lowest pixel pitch among all Samsung televisions utilizing Micro LED technology. Let’s take a look at Samsung’s new TV.

    A new record for Samsung’s Micro LED displays:

    The 2022 model The Wall television (IWB) will be able to reduce this range to 0.63 millimetres, unlike the 0.8-millimetre pixel pitch models on sale today. Along with the model with this record-breaking pixel pitch, the company will also launch a model with a 0.94-pixel pitch of the same model.

    When it comes to image quality, the television will offer the user HDR10/10+ and LED HDR features with a 120Hz refresh rate. The television, which can offer different screen sizes, will be able to present 4K movies in 110 inches and 8K videos in 220 inches. The resolution capacity will be increased by Samsung’s Micro AI processor.

    In addition to its new flagship, Samsung also introduced its new family, which hosts three models called The Wall All-in-One (IAB). The models that come with 4K–146 inches, 2 K–146 inches and 2K–110 inches options have a screen thickness of only 49 millimetres. So when the screens are placed on the wall, almost no thickness will be seen.

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