Samsung Pledges to End the Chip Crisis

    Samsung has announced its total funding for research and development in multiple fields over the next 5 years. With this fund, the company has shown that it will make a great contribution to its own country.

    South Korea-based technology giant Samsung has announced its new plan for the near future today. Along with its press release, the company announced that it will spend 455 trillion won ($355 billion) over the next five years on strategic business involving semiconductors, biopharmaceuticals (biological medicinal products), and next-generation technologies.

    This expenditure figure, which the company determined for the next 5 years, was 30% more than the figure announced for the previous five-year plan. It was stated that 450 trillion won will be for capital expenditures and research expenditures, while 360 ​​trillion of this fund will be allocated to studies in South Korea. 

    Samsung strengthens research and development

    With Samsung, the company announced that it will invest in memory chips in the semiconductor sector and strengthen research on new materials and chip architecture. However, some of the investments will also focus on logic chips such as application processors and image sensors. It was also noted that 3 nm technology will be featured. Other areas included in the spending plan included 5G, 6G and artificial intelligence.

    With the announcement of the new spending plan, the company emphasized that it is important to protect the supply chain for these sectors in South Korea under the current conditions. In addition to the fund allocated, the technology giant announced that 80 thousand new job opportunities will be created in South Korea in a 5-year period.

    Could be a solution to the chip crisis

    As the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer, Samsung is in; It is one of the companies most affected by the chip crisis, which affects all electronics from automobiles to smartphones. The South Korean technology giant can remedy the production contraction caused by the chip crisis with its 5-year giant plan that it has increased by 30 per cent.

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