Samsung’s Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha rival device revealed

    The patent of the spiral screen phone model developed by Samsung has been leaked. The model draws attention with its similarity to the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha.

    Xiaomi introduced the Mi Mix Alpha, the world’s first phone with a spiral screen, in 2019. The spiral screen phone patent taken by Samsung has emerged.

    Samsung will produce a spiral screen phone
    It turned out that the company filed an application with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) in July 2021. Details of the application made under the name of ‘Method and apparatus for operating the functions of electronic device with flexible screen’ were shared.

    The 46-page document was included in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) database. The technology developed with foldable screens allows all surfaces of the device to be covered with the screen.

    According to the information in the shared patent document, the device will also have S Pen support. Samsung has shown that it will bring S Pen support to all its models with the Galaxy Z Fold3.

    The device, whose model name is not known yet, has only a physical power button. Functions such as volume up and down are performed through the screens on the sides of the device.

    Icons and shortcuts are located on the right side of the device. On the other side are status icons such as clock, battery indicator and network information. The company states that left-handed users will be able to change the location of the icons in the settings section.

    The device has cameras on both the front and back. Samsung described it as one or more cameras in the patent details. It is estimated that the model, which is expected to be introduced as a flagship, will have a triple camera array.

    Samsung offers apps to switch between the front and back screen with a simple swipe. Depending on the application, there are also scenarios where the content can be viewed on both sides.

    With the mobilization of the foldable phone market, flexible display technologies gained momentum. Analysts predict that smartphone manufacturers will soon appear in front of users with spiral screen phones.

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