Video Demonstrating How Quality Photos Can be Taken by 200MP Camera Phones

    Samsung has released a video showing what the world’s first 200 MP mobile camera ISOCELL HP1, announced last year, is capable of. Taking a photo of a cat at 200 MP resolution, Samsung revealed the detail quality of ISOCELL HP1.

    South Korean technology giant Samsung announced the smartphone camera sensor, which is called ISOCELL HP1, last year. The ISOCELL HP1, which went down in history as the world’s first 200 MP smartphone camera, was able to group pixels with its ChameleonCell technology, thus enabling very detailed images to be obtained. However, the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 has not been used in any smartphone so far. This caused the camera performance to be still a matter of curiosity. 

    Now, Samsung has done an important job to show what ISOCELL HP1 offers. To show what this camera has to offer, Samsung engineers used special rigs and took a photo of a cat. The 200 MP resolution photo was then printed on industrial printers. Samsung’s aim in this study was to show how ISOCELL HP1 preserves details.

    Here is the cat photo was taken with the Samsung ISOCELL HP1

    It is not easy to print out a photo taken at 200 MP resolution. That’s why Samsung put the printed parts together afterwards. Because the size of the cat photo you see above is 28 meters by 22 meters…

    Pixel size is the main reason why the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 is able to preserve the image in all its details. So much so that if you want to take a photo with a resolution of 200 MP while using this camera sensor, the determined pixel size is  0.64 micrometres. This causes every object that enters the frame to be recorded with the smallest possible details. In this way, the details are fully preserved…

    The video was taken by Samsung for a 200 MP cat photo

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