Surprise Claim About the Release Date of Windows 12

    It was claimed that Microsoft changed the roadmap regarding operating systems. According to rumours, Microsoft will release a new operating system every three years from now on. In this context; The specified date for Windows 12 is 2024.

    There has been a remarkable development regarding the US-based technology giant Microsoft’s operating system Windows. According to the claims of Zac Bowden from Windows Central, Microsoft has changed its roadmap for the coming years. According to Bowden, who relies on his sources at Microsoft, the tech giant will release a Windows version with major innovations every three years from now on.

    To expand the claim; From now on, we will meet a new operating system every three years. This new process started in 2021 when Windows 11 was released. If the claims are true, we will have the opportunity to meet Windows 12 in 2024 and Windows 13 in 2027.

    Other operating systems will continue to be supported

    It seems that the new decision of Microsoft regarding operating systems may not affect the old versions much. According to the allegations, Microsoft will continue to work for Windows 11 after it releases Windows 12. It is claimed that the company will release updates containing new features four times a year as of 2023. In other words, the current update program will be continued in the future. However, it is not clear how effective this will be.

    Speaking of Windows 12; It should be said that there is no information about this operating system. It is not known what differences the operating system will offer from Windows 11 and what will change. 

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