The Release Date of Intel’s First Player Graphics Cards Expected to Shake the Market Has Been Announced

    The release date of the first player graphics cards, which Intel announced a while ago and expected to rival the graphics cards of the industry’s leading companies such as Nvidia and AMD, has been determined. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger pointed out that it could be offered to users in June.

    For a long time, Intel has been busy with its first graphics cards. Intel, which has aroused great curiosity since the day it was announced, made the official introduction of the first player graphics cards last month. As the new GPUs, called Arc Alchemist, are getting ready to take their place in the market, details about their performance continue to come.  

    New information that emerged in the past days showed that Intel would first release Arc A series graphics cards for laptops. The release date of the performance monster graphics cards, which is expected to compete with Nvidia and AMD’s graphics cards, has been confirmed today. 

    Intel pointed to June regarding graphics cards

    Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, gave detailed information about the highly anticipated graphics cards in his statements. Gelsinger reported that work has accelerated for Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards to take their place on the market in the second quarter of 2022. Arc Alchemist XE 512, which is preparing to rival the best graphics cards in the market with its performance, can reach 9,017 Mpix / s compared to 8,369 Mpix / s of Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti, according to the claims.  

    Gelsinger shared encouraging news about new graphics cards as well as Arc Alchemist GPUs. It has been announced that new graphics cards of the AXG (Accelerated information and processing systems and graphics group) series are on the way and mobile SKUs have taken their place in the market. Gelsinger added that they hope they will continue to produce graphics cards throughout the year and that AXG’s more than 4 million GPUs in 2022 will be on the market in June.  

    While the Arc Alchemist XE 512 is already arousing great curiosity for the players, there is no final information about its prices yet. We will wait and see what kind of effects Intel will cause in the graphics card market.  

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