The World’s First 500 Hz Gaming Monitor ASUS ROG Swift Announced

    ASUS has announced its newest monitor under the ROG brand, the Swift 500Hz. As the name suggests, this monitor offers a refresh rate of 500 Hz, a first for the video game world.

    ROG brand, established by technology giant ASUS for gamers, announced the world’s first player monitor “Swift 500Hz” that offers a 500Hz refresh rate. The monitor, which has impressive features, seems to attract attention with its design. So what does ASUS ROG’s new monitor promise to gamers ?

    ROG Swift 500Hz has a 24.1-inch display with FHD resolution. This display uses the Esports-TN (E-TN) panel developed for the esports industry. This panel responds 60 per cent faster than ordinary TN panels. NVIDIA G-SYNC technology combined with all of this offers smooth games on this monitor. But these are not the only features of Swift 500Hz. The monitor also has a special technology called “Esports Vibrance” that makes colours appear more vivid. In the meantime, let’s mention that NVIDIA’s mouse click latency measurement technology,  NVIDIA Reflex, is also integrated into this monitor.

    Introducing ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz

    When we look at the design of the monitor, we see that ASUS engineers are talking about their style again. ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz, which comes with a stand with thin bezels and a very stylish design, is the kind that will decorate the dreams of gamers. 

    Gavin Tsai, one of the ASUS top executives, stated that this monitor broke new ground in the sector in his statements about the ROG Swift 500Hz. Seth Schneider, one of NVIDIA’s senior managers, said that professional players using ROG Swift 500Hz will have great advantages in tournaments. In the statements made, the price of the world’s first 500 Hz player monitor was not mentioned.

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