TicWatch’s New Flagship Smartwatch Revealed

    After Montblanc Summit 3, next year’s flagship smartwatch TicWatch using WearOS will come from Mobvoi. The new smartwatch will have an eye-catching design and a long usage time.

    Interest in smartwatches has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Many companies are coming up with new products in this field. Mobvoi is one of the companies that managed to hold on to the market and draw a successful graph. The company’s new flagship smartwatch will be revealed soon.

    According to rumors that appeared in various sources on the Internet, Mobvoi is looking for people to evaluate and test the new flagship watch. This smartwatch will be introduced soon. Thus, it will join the Google Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 5, which will be on the market in the fall of this year.

    The features of the new smartwatch have also been revealed

    Some features of Mobvoi’s new smartwatch have also been announced. Accordingly, the new watch will have the following features:

    • Long battery time
    • NFC payment compatibility with Google Pay
    • IF68 waterproof
    • GPS
    • Microphone and speaker
    • New IHB/AFiB detection and fatigue assessment
    • Enhanced premium design, a flagship model

    The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra Snapwear, which we can call the current flagship model of Mobovi, has a 4100 processor, 10 GB of RAM and a 577mAh battery. In smart usage mode, the battery of this watch lasts for 72 hours.

    Although features such as IP68, GPS and microphone/speaker are now standard for many smartwatches, NFC payment via Google Pay that comes with WearOS is one of the highlights of the watch. In addition, Pro 3 Ultra also has heartbeat irregularity, atrial fibrillation and stress detection features. 

    Expressing that Mobvoi will improve its design is also an indication that it will not leave the traditional design of the smartwatch. Until now, TicWatches had two buttons and no rotating dials. The same style will be developed in the new design. TicWatch Pro will probably be pretty big again.

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