Ubisoft Servers Crashed: Many Games Are Having Problems, Including Rainbow Six Siege

    In the past few minutes, players have started to encounter problems with many of Ubisoft’s games and services. Ubisoft made a statement and announced that it is aware of the problem and that they are trying to solve it as soon as possible. It seems that the problem still persists.

    Hosting hundreds of thousands of players on its servers every day, Ubisoft is struggling with a critical error that affects players in the last minutes. Ubisoft players are having problems with many games, Ubisoft’s website and Ubisoft’s launcher, Ubisoft Connect. A statement was also shared by Ubisoft on the subject.

    “We are aware of issues affecting multiple games, as well as our Ubisoft Forums and various services,” Ubisoft shared on its official Twitter account. Our teams are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We’ll share more information with you here as they become available.” made statements.

    Although the complaints have decreased as time progressed, the problem is not completely resolved:

    Ubisoft Connect outages reported in the last 24 hours
    Rainbow Six Siege outages reported in the last 24 hours

    It is seen that complaints about Ubisoft Connect and Rainbow Six Siege, the most popular game of Ubisoft, have decreased significantly in Downdetector, where we can instantly follow the systemic complaints about the platforms. While the complaints continue to come in smaller numbers, there has been no statement from Ubisoft that the problem has been resolved yet.

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