Update for WhatsApp: Web features expand

    Instant messaging app WhatsApp brings the multi-device support that its users have been waiting for for a long time! Here are the details…

    Instant messaging application WhatsApp will provide multi-device support with the new update. The app first introduced its Web version in 2015. The application, which works as an end-to-end connection of two devices, was very popular with the users. However, at the moment, if one of the devices loses its internet connection or runs out of battery, the connection is disconnected.

    WhatsApp offers multi-device support to solve the problem of disconnection if entered from a different device. Multi-device support will allow you to log in to the platform from multiple places without being connected to the main device. So what will be the content of these features and how will they be used? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

    WhatsApp multi-device support
    WhatsApp has been testing the multi-device login feature for a long time in beta. The new feature allows simultaneous connection to four devices connected to the WhatsApp account – five with the phone. This feature has been awaited for a long time. Because when users are at the computer, they sometimes turn off the phone or cut off the internet access to charge the battery quickly. This situation also created WhatsApp Web access problems. With the update, these problems will be removed.

    In addition, after the update, messages will be faster to load when logging into WhatsApp Web . Thus, less time will be spent logging in to other devices. The update, which will come in April , will be rolled out first to iOS users and then to Android users.

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