Widgets Coming to Windows 11 Desktop Like Phones!

    Microsoft has started testing a new feature in the Windows 11 operating system that will bring widgets to the desktop like mobile devices. In this context, the first widget added to the desktop was the search bar.

    Microsoft, which surprisingly released the new operating system Windows 11 in October 2021, showed that it moved to a much simpler and mobile-oriented approach. While all the promised features for Windows 11 are still coming slowly, a new feature that will come to the operating system has shown itself today.

    In the latest test version released for Insider users, Microsoft showed that a feature similar to widgets on mobile devices was also tested on Windows 11. The first tool added to the Windows 11 desktop as part of this test was a search bar, which will allow direct internet search.

    Search bar in Windows 11

    Instead of using the familiar term ‘widget’ to describe the tool in question, Microsoft defined the feature as ‘light interactive content’. The search bar, which is automatically added to the desktop with the new update, can be turned off at any time by right-clicking on the desktop and clicking ‘Show more options’ and ‘Show search’ options.

    One of the purposes behind Microsoft’s new search bar is to increase the usage rate of the Microsoft Edge internet browser. There is no search on which browser to search from in the tool. This shows that the tool will only run Microsoft Edge. In this way, many users will be able to spend more time in Edge by searching directly here instead of opening the browser without realizing it.

    It’s not the first time Microsoft is bringing desktop widgets

    Desktop widgets that entered our lives with Windows Vista, or ‘Gadgets’ as defined by Microsoft, continued to be a part of our lives with Windows 7. However, after a while, Microsoft removed the Gadget feature from its operating systems due to serious security vulnerabilities.

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