World’s First ‘Cryptocurrency Credit Card’ Announced! You Can Shop With Cryptocurrency Anywhere You Want

    Nexo launched the world’s first crypto money credit card, developed in partnership with Mastercard and DiPocket. The credit card has already distinguished itself from traditional cards with the advantages it offers.

    Mastercard, one of the largest payment providers in the world, came to the fore with an announcement that excited the crypto money industry last year. The company announced that it has started testing a system that will allow payments to be made directly with cryptocurrencies, without the hassle of trading.

    One of the payment solutions to be included in this system was announced today. Cryptocurrency buying, selling and custody platform Nexo has officially launched its credit card, which is the first in the world, developed as a result of the partnership with Mastercard and DiPocket. Nexo’s credit card has also managed to enchant many crypto money investors with its features.

    It is now possible to pay from your crypto account with a credit card

    The Nexo Card

    The credit card, which is called Nexo Card, allows you to use your assets in your crypto wallet as collateral. The credit card allows you to spend with many cryptocurrencies, not just giant names like Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT (Tether). Moreover, no monthly/yearly fee is paid for the credit card, and Nexo, with a credit-to-value ratio of 20% or less, offers its customers the opportunity to shop at zero cost.

    Up to 2% cryptocurrency cashback on every purchase:

    In addition to all these, Nexo Card, which can be obtained in both digital and physical form, offers recovery of up to 2% of the shopping amount that can be purchased in the form of Bitcoin and Nexo’s own cryptocurrency NEXO with every purchase. The card comes with Apple Pay and Google Pay integration, and cardholders can add their Nexo Card to their preferred mobile wallet.

    According to Nexo’s statement, Nexo Card can be used in 92 million commercial businesses worldwide where Mastercard is valid. Cryptocurrency holders will be able to spend up to 90% of the nominal value of cryptocurrencies in their wallets.

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