World’s First Metaverse Phone Postponed Due to COVID-19

    Announcing that it will release a metaverse-focused phone in the past months, HTC announced that the release of the device has been delayed. Problems caused by COVID-19 were cited as the reason for this delay.

    Many companies in the world of technology continue their steps towards the metaverse, which continues to be popular without slowing down and is defined as the ‘future of the internet’. One of the companies that announced that it would make a move in this regard was Taiwan-based HTC, which was one of the leading names in the smartphone industry for a while .

    Postponed due to COVID-19

    In the company’s statements on social media, it was announced that the metaverse-oriented device was delayed. In previous statements, it was stated that the phone will be introduced last April. However, this did not happen and the highly anticipated phone could not make its debut.

    In the company’s statements, this postponement; cited issues such as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on supply chains. Taiwan, where HTC is headquartered, has been having a hard time with COVID lately. According to Reuters, the country, which recorded only 15,000 cases in the whole of 2021, is now facing 80,000 cases per day.

    It should be added that there is no detailed information about the metaverse phone, which is stated to be the first flagship device of the giant company in about four years, yet. However, it is among the rumours that the device may offer support for augmented and virtual reality applications. It is also stated that the phone can support a virtual reality device called HTC Vive Flow VR.

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