Photo Leaked of First Xiaomi Phone with Leica Camera

    The Xiaomi 12S, which is expected to be Xiaomi’s first smartphone to be supported with a Leica lens, has appeared. Images from China reveal the phone’s camera setup and the Leica logo. Xiaomi is expected to announce its new flagship smartphone in July.

    In a news we shared with you in the past few days, we mentioned that the ties between Leica, one of the most important names in the camera lens industry, and Huawei have been broken and that the company will now work with Xiaomi. This development meant that the world’s best cameras could come to Xiaomi phones, according to DxOmark, which is considered one of the most reliable authority on-camera reviews. Now, there has been a remarkable development on this issue.

    Xiaomi’s first phone with Leica branded lenses is expected to be the Xiaomi 12S. The first image of the phone in question was shared on China’s social media Weibo. Although the source and reliability of the image are unknown, the shared photo has revealed how the camera design of Xiaomi’s upcoming phone will be.

    This is what Xiaomi’s first phone with Leica lenses will look like, according to the leak

    According to the information obtained, Xiaomi will hold an event in July. As part of this event, the models called 12S and 12S Pro will be announced. By the way, let’s mention that both models have been added to the IMEI database. The model code 2206123SC in the photo above will appear as Xiaomi 12S according to the database. It is not yet clear whether the Pro model will be the same as this one.

    Xiaomi did not make any statements about the 12S family. However, according to industry sources, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processors will be used in this smartphone series. This means that the upcoming phones will be in the flagship class. With the launch of Xiaomi, we will have the opportunity to see together what features will be found in these phones.

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