The Introduction Date of Xiaomi’s Electric Car to Rival Tesla Announced

    Drawing attention to the announcement that it will produce its own car in the past weeks, Xiaomi also announced when the vehicle will be introduced. The company’s new vehicle will be introduced next month.

    Electric cars are becoming more and more popular. After seeing the success of companies producing electric cars, especially Tesla, traditional car manufacturers started to set up big strategies stretching until 2030. Meanwhile, we know that companies from different sectors are also aiming to enter this market. 

    Although Apple was expected to enter the autonomous vehicle industry, Xiaomi seems to have held its hand faster. The long-rumored and recently officially confirmed Xiaomi electric car will be introduced next month. The price of the vehicle will be between 15 thousand dollars and 45 thousand dollars.

    10 billion dollar investment promise

    Xiaomi has announced that it wants to invest 10 billion dollars in this market for electric cars in the next 10 years. The electric car, known as the “Xiaomi car” until now, will be unveiled in August by the company’s founder, Lei Jun.

    The car was designed by HVST Automobile Design. The firm most recently designed the Maven concept car for WM Motor. Xiaomi will now carry out a big advertising campaign to promote its new car.

    On the other hand, although Xiaomi will introduce its vehicle next month, it will be necessary to wait a little longer to get on a Xiaomi branded car. Initial productions will likely be carried out as prototypes. It will be necessary to wait until 2024 for the sale of the first mass-produced vehicles.

    According to rumors, Xiaomi’s first electric vehicle will be either a sedan or an SUV. It seems that we will see the moves of companies from many different sectors in the electric car industry. Would you like to drive a Xiaomi branded car? 

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