You Can Now Listen to YouTube Music Videos on ‘YouTube Music’ with One Click

    YouTube has added a new hotkey that allows listening to music videos on YouTube Music with one click.

    Google adds various innovations to make the music app more useful. Especially YouTube Music, which has been on the rise recently, has gained an important hotkey this time. Thanks to these shortcut keys, users will now be able to listen to music videos on YouTube in the Music application with one click.

    The newly added hotkeys were actually expected for the last two years. Fortunately, Google listened to its users, albeit late, and added a new shortcut where you can now listen to music videos in the YouTube Music app.

    Added new hotkeys to the YouTube app

    Unfortunately, when we opened music in YouTube’s basic application, there was no YouTube Music integration. Users had to exit the main application and enter the Music application to listen to that music separately.

    Google has fixed this issue that has been bothering users. YouTube Music integration, which has been on the agenda since 2019, has been added to YouTube’s main application with the new update. As can be seen in the screenshot above, there is a hotkey that shows the icon of YouTube Music in the playback window. Let’s also underline that there is a different shortcut key that you can access from the settings section to access the Music application.

    Currently, the hotkey added to the YouTube app is not visible to everyone. However, since this is a server-based update, it can be used by everyone in a short time. 

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