Neither Apple nor Google! The Best Companies to Work for Have Been Announced

    Fortune magazine released the 2022 issue of its “Best Companies to Work for” list today. It was noteworthy that especially large technology companies could not be among the top 100 companies in this year’s issue.

    The 2022 issue of the ” Best Companies to Work for ” list, prepared every year by Fortune, one of the most important and popular magazines in the business world, has been published today. Significant changes were also seen in the list, which was created by taking into account working conditions, growth opportunities, opportunities offered to employees and many more factors.

    According to the list published by Fortune and Grate Place to Work, which ranks the 100 best companies in the US to work for, Cisco is currently the best company to work for. 96% of the employees at the multinational network technologies company shared that they are satisfied with working thereThe top 10 companies to work for, according to Cisco’s list, were as follows:

    Top 10 companies to work for:

    Cisco (Information technologies)
    • Cisco (Information technologies)
    • Hilton (Accommodation)
    • Wegmans Food Markets (Retail)
    • Salesforce (Information technologies)
    • NVIDIA (Information technologies)
    • Accenture (Professional services)
    • Rocket Companies (Financial services and insurance)
    • American Express (Financial services and insurance)
    • David Weekley Homes (Building & construction)
    • Capital One (Financial services and insurance)

    While the majority of the list consists of technology companies, HP (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) ranked 19th and Adobe 32nd among the prominent companies. It was noteworthy that Apple, Google, Meta or other technology companies that came to mind did not enter the list.

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