Twitter CEO Changes Again

    The plans for the social media giant of Elon Musk, who bought Twitter, are coming to light one by one. According to new information, Musk is considering a new candidate for Twitter’s CEO.

    As most of you will know, Elon Musk has kept the agenda busy for a while by stating that he wanted to take Twitter, and he finally got his wish in the past few days. In fact, it was reported that Musk, the new owner of Twitter for $ 44 billion, sold billions of dollars worth of Tesla shares in order to raise this money. 

    Following these developments, new details came about Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and his plans for the future of the platform. Musk stated that he has a ‘name’ in mind for the new CEO of the social media giant .

    Musk considering a new name for Twitter’s CEO post

    Reuters reported that Musk told the banks that supported the $44 billion Twitter takeover that he had a new CEO candidate in mind for the platform. While it is not yet clear who this name is, it was stated that Parag Agrawal, who took over the head of the company after the platform’s co-founder Jack Dorsey resigned from his CEO position in November, will continue to work until the sale of the platform is completed. However, Reuters noted, citing anonymous sources, that Musk will prevail in board and board payouts, as well as seek new ways to monetize tweets.

    Bloomberg, on the other hand, stated that Musk emphasized during his talks with banks that influencers and celebrities should be more active on Twitter. In a tweet he sent in early April, Musk was on my site, stating that most of the accounts with the most followers rarely post. On the other hand, Bloomberg stated that Musk said in his meeting with banks that there may be some layoffs; however, he added that he did not mention any specific department or position.

    With that said, Musk has suggested charging websites that want to quote verified Twitter profiles or embed a tweet while talking to banks; It was stated that he suggested that in this way, money can be made from viral shares.

    In addition, in tweets that he sent and then deleted, Musk suggested lowering the price of the Twitter Blue premium subscription service and stated that he wanted to reduce Twitter’s dependence on advertising. Of course, it should be noted that these are only suggestions and guesses for now.

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